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What is Share And Grow?

Share And Grow is a platform where we inspire people, help them gain courage & strength to fight their life’s battles & give a new meaning to their lives

How do I hold an Overall Development workshop?

To conduct a session regarding the same, you can email us at 

*For students: Send us the contact details of your school/college authorities and our team shall get in touch with them regarding the same.

How can I have a Masterclass at my workplace?

Our Masterclasses are specifically tailored to address employee grievances and empower them to achieve their full potential for their organization.

To conduct a session, you can contact us at  after consulting their Human Resources department.

How can I attend a session?

We conduct several open sessions periodically that focus on showing a new perspective to our participants. To find out about our next open session, follow us on social media and we will keep you posted!

What age group are the courses valid for?

For varied courses the age group differs

Overall Development Course : (12 years – 17 years)

Masterclass by Himanshu Ashok Malhotra: (Open for all)

Students Workshop : (12  years – 22 years)

Personal Guidance : (Open for all)

Can I attend a course even if I don’t belong to that school/college/organization?

Absolutely! You need to inform us via email on We shall get it arranged for you.