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About Share And Grow

Share And Grow was formed on Teacher’s day (5th September 2016) and officially launched on Children’s day (14th November 2016).
Our mission is to change lives everywhere. We create breakthroughs and awaken the human spirit in everyone. We hope to form a big family where we can connect, inspire, strengthen each other and share a new meaning to our lives.
We, at Share And Grow believe in experiential learning. Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “Learning through reflection on doing.”

Why experiential learning?

Because we learn from experience! Whatever you’re trying to master- a new hobby, your day job or setting up your own business, experience-based learning is really effective because it helps establish lasting behavioral changes.
Repetitive Learning or learning by rote has long been replaced by “Learning by Doing” Experiential Learning methodology uses critical thinking, problem solving and decision making to deliver a training module.

Himanshu Ashok Malhotra

The moment I mention Share And Grow first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is, “oh it must be something like a motivational speech, inspirational lecture, guest lecture or a celebrity lecture, NO ! Not interested.

I am interested in sharing and growing. If you ask me personally, it’s a selfish need of mine because the more i meet people, share my thoughts & experiences, the more people share their’s & that’s the only way an artist and a human being eventually grows, gathering all the beautiful experiences of life from every nook & corner of the country, meeting varied people with different; financial, emotional, spiritual & social backgrounds, different cultures, caste, creed & religions. Hence, i along with my co-founder Amruta Khanvilkar decided to start a platform to share, grow, empower, enrich and transform each other, to be eventually termed as “Share And Grow”.

Amruta Ajit Khanvilkar

The whole idea of Share And Grow germinated in one night, when I saw Himanshu getting stuck with something in life, that moment i felt, he needs to manoeuvre his life in a different direction. He always had it in him , I just extracted it out of his soul and presented it in front of him to make him realise it’s worth. That night Share And Grow was formed in our heart and soul. That night onwards, he kept pushing it to create new avenues and boundaries for Share And Grow.

Today, more than an year later, I can proudly say Share And Grow is our baby and we plan to give it global recognition, for we know in our souls that this baby has it’s wings on & will fly universally.